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Art is a mean of expression. The choices I make to convey these expressions are seeped in traditions, yet vulnerable to be influenced by contemporary ideas and ideals.

I prefer to use acrylic as my medium and mixed media as a technique. Vivid bright colours help bring appeal and sensuality to my work. Figurative forms, especially of women, are characteristic to my paintings. I believe this allows me to celebrate my femininity and lets me discharge my responsibility towards the society by promoting women centric themes.

Eyes; the dim windows of the soul ,are one of my favourite forms. The feeling of being perpetually watched can be both unnerving and flattering. I draw energy from this feeling and weave them into my paintings.

As an artist, relationships and people around me mean a lot, so does the understanding of different ideologies and cultures. My themes are inspired and influenced by them.

Both, my art and I, are still evolving; I carry no stereotypes or burden from my past. There is a lot of room for me to explore newer art forms. Dipping my finger in the delightful abyss of the fine arts has been the most exciting thing in my life.


Avantika is a formally trained artist with a Masters degree in Creative Painting (MFA) from SNDT Women’ s College, Mumbai, and a BFA from UP College of Fine Arts, Philippines. With a background in Indian classical music and a strong women ‘s agenda, Avantika creates striking works that use Surrealism to convey strong truths and experiences of energy in her journey through art with the use of different mediums. Her style of work is majorly inclined towards bohemianism.

As an artist her works are hugely influenced by everyday life and experiences. Her passion is to travel and create art ! This has much been the physical manifestation of her visual diary.

It seems to connect well with ideas and objects, translating them to artistic expressions using either acrylic on canvas, graffiti and murals on walls, installations or doodling and sketches on my scrap book. She has a bohemian surrealist style of work.

About Me

Name:Avantika Mathur


Location:    Navi Mumbai / India

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