Psychedelic and surreal. Avantika wants the viewer to be busy and lost in her artwork. Her work pushes the human mind to think beyond. The symbolism of each element means something personal to her inspired from daily life.The presence and almost obsession of eyes in her works are like dim windows of the soul, looking back at you. That’s what captures the attention and forms a connection to the soul. You see it through your mind’s eye, and then feel it in your heart.

Her paintings are a medley of bohemianism and surrealism talking about women empowerment. Her works are set to stir a tide within and make us reflect internally looking for the answers because each one carries a whole universe inside them, the thought of which is both overwhelming and empowering at the same time. Her works talk about conscious living...breaking boundaries....finding your identity and being yourself

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself.”

About Me

Name:Avantika Mathur


Location:    Navi Mumbai / India

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Address: F 602, The Springs, Plot No. 4, Sector 20, Roadpali Kalamboli - 410218

Phone: +91 98 338 551 13

Email: artist.avantika@gmail.com

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